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Pipe Blasters


The LS Pipe Blaster blast cleans the exterior surfaces of pipe and is capable of cleaning a continuous flow of pipe from 1/8" to 13' diameter. The LS blast unit incorporates impeller driven blast technology to clean pipes on a production line basis. Most pipe blasters involve screwing the pipe through, although non-screwing models are available.

Blast Cabinet:
The steel blast cabinet is 1/4"mag steel plate for maximum strength and durability. The cabinet is subjected to abrasive blast impact and we line the cabinet with a wear resistant liner. Heavy and special cabinets and wear plates area available.

Impeller Wheel:
The heart of the blast system is the impeller wheel. The shot wheel propels the shot against the part at a high velocity to provide efficient cleaning action. Because the wheel and impeller blades are vital to the operation of the machine, LS uses a hardened abrasive resistant material for the impeller blades. The blades are designed for easy maintenance and replacement. Basic units have only underthrow wheels which reduces the initial cost and maintenance. Special models in corporate overhead shot blast wheels.

Impeller Motor:
The blaster use 1 - 4 motors, 10 - 30 HP to drive the impeller wheel.

Shot Feed System:
Abrasive is returned to the system by gravity. As shot is thrown up into the cabinet impacting the pipe, it falls back into the wheel well cavity and is reused. This system is very efficient and requires fewer moving parts than other systems. Overhead wheels use and elevator.

Material Feed System:
Material feed for small pipe is accomplished by a series of canted vee rollers, which rotate the pipe through the blast cabinet. This will provide an even blast pattern on the pipe. A variable speed control is standard. Large pipes require canted rollers.

Dust Collector:
All LS blasters include a dust collector as standard equipment.